5 Dumbbell Exercises to Try with Thick Grips

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Are you wondering how you can add an extra edge to your dumbbell workouts using thick grips?  

If you want to elevate your gym sessions, incorporating new exercises may be just the thing you need. By increasing the diameter of your bars you challenge your grip, hands and forearms strength. You can also play with the various sizes of the grips - from 2.05" to 2.44", all the way up to 2.87" - to create different bar diameters. This will work your muscles and grip strength differently.

Here are five dumbbell exercises - other than the classic bicep curls - you can add to your workout routines.

Zottman Curls 

You can add bulk to your biceps and forearms by using thick grips on your barbells for zottman curls. This exercise is essentially bicep curl-ups and reverse bicep curl-downs that work your muscles. 

With zottman curls, you can alternate between curls and lifts. 

Dumbbell Fly

Dumbbell flyes can be done with a flat bench. By holding your barbells in each hand and lying on your back, you can hold the dumbbells directly above your chest and keep your elbows bent. This exercise works out your pectoral muscles. 

Front and Lateral Raises 

Lateral raises are one of the best exercises to work out your shoulder. 

All you need to do is raise weights to the sides and to your shoulder level, then lower them again. Adding various sizes of thick grips to your dumbbells can benefit the muscles in your upper back, arms, and neck as well, all the while still working out your forearms and growing your grip strength. 

Tricep Extensions 

To do tricep extensions, you can keep your elbows as straight as possible and make sure you hold your form. These exercises require you to work out your triceps and arms by flexing your elbows repeatedly.  

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