Designed for the ambitious

Unlock a new level of strength

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Tribus Thick Grips mounted on a Dumbbell - horizontal view - sitting on the floor to achieve a 2.5" thickness on dumbbell handle.

Play with the Unordinary

Uniquely multi-layered

Build your squats

A tight secure grip

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Simply put, when the grip gets tough, the movement demands more from your muscles — the thicker, the harder.

Tribus III

Unique Layers for Unlimited Possibilities

Designed for the ambitious. Elevate the ordinary with the Tribus III Grips. Simply put, when the grip gets tough, the movement demands more from your muscles — the thicker, the harder. With added girth, familiar routines demand renewed effort.

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Tribus III: the Unordinary

Durable rubber, ergonomic design, say goodbye to plastic feel.

Lifetime warranty included.

Why Fat Bar Training ?
The Whole Tribus Trio Design showcased on a white background. Interior view of the Green, Yellow and Blue Fat Bar Accessory Pinch Grip.

The Ultimate Hold

Crafted with premium, textured natural rubber for the market's best grip - plus a lifetime warranty

The Power of Three

Start with Layer 1 for a solid foundation on standard bars. Add Layer 2 for a significant step-up, offering a thicker, more challenging hold. Combine all three for the pinnacle of grip training.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my purchase. The grips are extremely well-made, reasonably priced, and they’ve introduced a variety to my workouts. - JBW
Don't bother with even looking at another competitor's product. Buy these!!! - Sean
Really good product, works exactly like the fat gripz but this is a three in one... Three different sizes that you can actually stack together. - Nick
They scream quality, are beautiful and cannot be any stronger. They are simply awesome! - Stephane
Does Fat Bar Training Work?

Does Fat Bar Training Work?

Have you been wondering if fat bar training works?   If so, you’re in the right place! Keep on reading.   Fat or thick bar training is when you use thick grips to increase the size of barbells, du...


Which Tribus Thick Grip is Made for You?

Unsure which grip to grab? We've lined up our top-selling Tribus Grips. Compare them and seize the perfect fit for your journey.

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Tribus Solo Pair | Product shot on White Background, Blue, Thick Grips
Tribus I Sale price$22.95 CAD
Tribus 2 Pair | Product shot on White Background, Blue & Yellow Unique 2 Layers Thick Grips
Tribus II Sale price$38.50 CAD
Tribus 3 grips crafted from superior rubber, outlasting plastic alternatives.
Tribus III Sale price$42.95 CAD

Single Layer

Double Layer

Triple Layer

Outside Diameter




Primary Use

Bars & Dumbbells

Bars & Dumbbells

Bars & Dumbbells

Special Features


Works on Thicker Bars

Works on Thickest Bars






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