Does Fat Bar Training Work?

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Have you been wondering if fat bar training works?  

If so, you’re in the right place! Keep on reading.  

Fat or thick bar training is when you use thick grips to increase the size of barbells, dumbbells or other bars, of 2 inches or more. Standard handles are usually 1 to 1 ⅜ inches. 

The thicker the bar, the harder it is to grip. With grips you can increase the size of your bars from 2 inches up to almost 3 inches. This increase in diameter seriously challenges your grip, hands and forearms strength. When you add fat bars to your workout routine, you will be surprised with the results. 

Here’s how thicker bars can benefit you: 

Strengthens Your Upper Body 

Fat bars have the power to stimulate more muscle fibers in your fingers, hands, forearms, and upper arms.

The full muscle activation affects your kinetic chain (all the interrelated segments of the muscles in our body) which in turn challenges your body’s entire muscles. This includes your chest, shoulders, back, and core muscles - so you get a full-body workout. 

Improves Your Performance

Increasing your upper body strength can come in handy for more than just the gym. It also has the potential to improve your overall performance in everyday activities.

You gain more endurance and strength to take on even more tasks than before. So, things like playing tennis, lifting heavy furniture, or gardening can become easier. 

Increases Your Joint Stability

With fat bars you need to work harder to stabilize the weight by using your smaller muscles such as your rotator cuff (a stabilizer muscle). The small muscles in your shoulder and rotator cuff are directly linked to your grip.

When you improve your grip strength, it allows you to increase your shoulder stability. So fat bar training can also prevent more injuries by working out your wrist, elbow, and shoulders.

Increases Grip Strength

Most people think that their grip gets enough work from exercises like deadlifts, pull-ups, and curls. But the truth is that the easiest and fastest way to improve poor grip strength is with fat bar training.

Your grip strength is a determining factor in your overall power and ability to manage heavier weights. This means bigger lifts and pulling force.  

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