Biceps Workout For Serious Growth

Transformative Strength Training with Tribus Thick Grips - A Female Athlete Performing Bicep Curls Using Resistance Bands with Stackable Thick Grips as Handles. Discover the Uniqueness of Our Stackable Thick Grips, Designed for Progressive Training, Enhanced Grip Strength, and Reduced Risk of Injuries.

Want to blast your biceps? Try this 5 move-workout during your next gym session and say hello to bigger biceps!

The key to working out your biceps is prioritizing workouts that have you lifting, pushing, and pulling. That’s where our Tribus Thick Grips can be handy. We have 3 sizes to choose from that can be added to your barbells, dumbbells and cable.

You’ll feel the total muscle activation in your biceps, forearms, and entire upper body with this workout custom-made for Tribus Grips. We’ll have you working with all 3 sizes of grips and finish with no grips. Get ready to do max sets as well.

Standing Curl Low Pulley

Start this exercise with a low pulley machine. Extend your arms towards the floor, bend your knees, and lean back slightly. Then curl the pulley up towards your shoulders, and squeeze your muscles.

Using a medium grip in the pulley, start by installing the completely stacked 3-in-1 Tribus Grips (Size 3-Green ) to perform your first set of reps, then unstack the sizes as you progress to your last rep. No rest between sets!

Set 1: 4 X 10 - with Tribus Grips all 3 sizes stacked (Green)
Set 2: 4 X Max - unstack one size to go down to size 2 (Yellow)
Set 3: 4 X Max - unstack size 2 to go down to size 1 (Blue)

Standing Dumbbell Curl 

Use a neutral grip. Stand up tall, start with the dumbbells at your sides, with your palms facing one another. Then curl up by keeping your elbows pinned at your sides, so just the weights in your hand move up and down.
Set 1: 4 X 12 - with Tribus Grips stacked at size 2 (Yellow)

EZ Barbell Curl

For this exercise, you need the EZ bar and Scott bench. Sit on the bench, rest your elbows on the top block, and hold the barbell at the inner bend for your starting position. Inhale slowly and then extend your arms by lowering the barbells, until you can feel your biceps stretching. Use a medium grip.

Set 1: 4 X 15 - with Tribus Grip size 1 (Blue)
Set 2: 4 X Max - with Tribus Grip size 1 (Blue)

Standing Dumbbell Curl (Alternate)

With this arm sculpting exercise, you can target your biceps by alternating between each arm. Stand with a dumbbell in each hand and let your elbows rest tightly to your sides. Flex one elbow at a time by curling the dumbbell up, then repeat it on the other arm.
Set 1: 4 X 12 - With Tribus Grip size 1 (Blue)

Incline Bench Alternate Dumbbell Curl

For this exercise you will need an incline bench. With your dumbbells in each hand, you can sit down on the incline bench while keeping your elbows close to your torso. Use a supinated grip.

Face forward on the bench as your starting position. Lift one arm and curl the dumbbell upwards until it reaches shoulder level. Then do the same for the other arm.

Set 1: 4 X Max - No Grips


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This exclusive biceps workout with Tribus™ Thick Grips is by Coach Frédéric Mayer @frednutritonsupreme. He is also the owner of the Nutrition Suprême boutique @NutritionSupreme, be sure to check out his account for more fitness-related content.


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