Tribus Thick Grips

Embrace the equation: Thicker bars lead to more comprehensive muscle activation, paving the way for significant muscle gains. Ideal for strength training and muscle building, our versatile grips are the perfect addition to your fitness gear. Discover serious results with Tribus™—where every lift counts towards maximum muscle development.

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Tribus Solo Pair | Product shot on White Background, Blue, Thick GripsTHICK GRIPS FOR FAT BAR TRAINING - SIZE 1 BY TRIBUS™
Tribus I Sale price$22.95 CAD
Tribus 2 Pair | Product shot on White Background, Blue & Yellow Unique 2 Layers Thick GripsTribus II
Tribus II Sale price$38.50 CAD
Tribus 3 grips crafted from superior rubber, outlasting plastic alternatives.Green Tribus Thick Grips 2.87" - Action Shot of a Hand Holding the Fat Bar on a Barbell with White Background.
Tribus III Sale price$42.95 CAD
Tribus IVTribus IV
Tribus IV Sale price$47.50 CAD
Product Image of the Pink and Purple Breast Cancer Edition of the Tribus Thick Grips on White BackgroundPurple Tribus Thick Grips - Action Shot of a hand holding the Fat Bar on a barbell with White background.
Tribus II - Women's Edition Sale price$29.95 CAD